We design unique websites for photographers, artists, and small businesses using the content management software WordPress. Our designs highlight your content unlike any subscription service because our focus is on


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We have heard it a thousand times … I can get a Squarespace, Photoshelter, or SmugMug website from $4 – 12 a month. You probably aren’t charging a minimal fee like that to build me a new website.

Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now? … sorry we’re not in the Matrix … quite yet.

Let’s just begin with the obvious. Do you think any of those website service companies provide you with a website that looks like this? 

The answer is ➔


We can. You know why? Because we designed this website. Yes, the one you are checking out right now. It is running on WordPress. Yes, it looks a bit different than what you are probably accustomed to.

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

You do still get what you pay for in this world. A $4 per month website is worth exactly that. Thousands of subscribers all have similar layouts with maybe different colors and fonts. 

We design custom websites for our clients. Our websites are built specifically to highlight your brand. We can design a website that is as different as ours or we can design you something that is a bit more standard.

The feature set and design of your new website is driven by your budget, the functionality you need to promote your company, and the reality of how the web currently works. Just like the Matrix, sometimes we can defy gravity, other times we cannot.




74,652,825 websites are built on WordPress. The content management software is FREE for the masses and continually updated with new features and functionality. It’s not going anywhere.



Because we design your website to fit you, it won’t look like your competitor’s website who is also paying the same monthly fee using a service company.



Ever notice how some websites jump to a new tab when you click the blog link and the website suddenly looks different with maybe just the business’ logo and colors matching where you previously were in their navigation? That’s because their content is stored in multiple locations on multiple platforms. With WordPress all of your content is housed in one location — your host. That hosting provider is chosen by YOU.

Because WordPress is an open-source content management platform, you can have your blog, portfolio, even stock licensing website in once place under your entire brand. Visitors only jump to a different tab if that is what you want them to do.



Yes, the monthly fee website from a company like Squarespace is just the beginning of your monthly expense. If you want an eCommerce store, additional pages, additional functionality ➔


Squarespace will even take a percentage of your store sales, while charging you a monthly fee. Fees upon fees. Does that make good business sense to you?

And if you want to pay your monthly price per month instead of one lump sum charge, that costs you $16 per month.

We design your website for a set fee. Then your only monthly fee is your hosting. It can be as little as $3 per month depending on the features you need.



You know like https://wpphotowebsites.com, yeah that costs more with the monthly service company, pretty much double what you pay to register your URL anywhere else.



The buzz word of ANY online application today. Do you have any idea why companies like Squarespace, Photoshelter, and SmugMug have such high rankings? Because all of their users’ websites are sub-websites of their main URL. If you have thousands of websites under your main website, you reap the rewards of all that content. Don’t you want to be found for your content and not build the online presence of the very company you are paying for your website?

One of our options is to Search Engine Optimize your new website. While SEO is an ever-changing schematic, we can set your website in the right direction from the start.


What we can do for you and your online brand:

1.) URL Registration & Selection

2.) WordPress Hosting Selection & SSL Protection

3.) Logo & Collateral Development

4.) WordPress Website Design

5.) WordPress Landing Page Design

6.) Forms & Lead Generation Integration

7.) MailChimp Template Design

8.) WordPress eCommerce Integration

9.) WordPress Photography Licensing & Stock Sales Integration

10.) Custom WordPress Page Layout Design

11.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Setup

12.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website Post & Page Optimization

13.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keyword Research

14.) Produce the photos, graphics, & content required to build your online following if your business is not photo-based. Remember we are photographers too.


While our target market is the photographer, we can design something cool for anyone. There are two reasons we focus on the photographer:

1.) We see way too many photographer websites that are poorly designed, lack brand integration, and do not function across different devices. 

2.) We are photographers. We understand what photographers need.

The bottom line is that we LOVE design. Our websites ➔

Focus on Your Content.

Your Photos. Your art. Your Brand.

If your business isn’t photography or artist related, we can create photos of your product for your new website as well. Since we are photographers, our business is completely based on content, and we can build that imagery into your new online brand.


You already understand that you aren’t getting a new website from us for $4. So what is it going to cost? Pricing is really dependent on what you need your website to do. The simplest websites could cost as little as $500 and the most detailed design & function oriented websites can cost $20,000. You can start small and add to your site as your business grows as well. WordPress has very few boundaries.

You should fill out our contact form below. Tell us what you have in mind. We can start our dialogue from there. Our goal is to be that light at the end of your online experience.


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